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For residential scaffolding in the Bay of Plenty call Summit Scaffolding. We offer scaffolding installation for any type of residential situation, from simple to complex, and will provide you with creative design solutions with minimal disruption in their application. New and existing homes (either rental or privately owned), rebuilds, renovations, subdivisions, or apartments – contact us and one of our managers will have a chat with you, visit the site, and provide a quotation for the project.

Major factors underpinning each project are our strong affiliations to SARNZ (Scaffolding, Access and Rigging New Zealand), Site Safe, WorkSafe, Good Practice Guidelines for Scaffolding in New Zealand 2016, the Health and Safety Act 2015, and the Health and Safety in Employment Regulations 1995.

These groups and legal entities are central to all our procedures and offer guidance on the vital codes of practice we operate by. They’re absorbed into our daily work agenda so that our tasks always run to schedule, and paperwork and reporting are filed without interfering with the job at hand.

Residential Scaffolding Bay of Plenty | Hamilton Waikato

Naturally, health and safety measures are no less important on our domestic jobs, particularly when we have vulnerable surroundings to take into consideration such as residents, passerbys, pets, and gardens.

And for largerscale innercity apartment blocks or rental properties, following adequate health and safety protocol protects both landlord and tenants helps fulfil our directive for 100% health and safety compliance.

More good news is that once on site, our teams are pleasant, courteous, efficient, and tidy. They’ll keep you in the loop with great communication and have your scaffold up in a jiffy so you can get on with the exciting work ahead. It’s our pleasure to help you on your way.

Call us if you need a capable team who can get your scaffolding installed promptly and safely. You’ll soon see why our residential scaffolding services are in hot demand!
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Commercial Scaffolding services Tauranga and throughout the Bay of Plenty region

Commercial Scaffolding Bay of Plenty
For all commercial scaffolding in the Bay of Plenty, call Summit Scaffolding Waikato Ltd. Summit are focussed on continual improvement and also on extending our facilities to reach a big chunk of the North Island, servicing our clients the best way possible.

Backing us in achieving our everexpanding geographical goals is our fleet of 60 working vehicles which enable us to reach clients north to Auckland, west to Hamilton, Waikato, and east to Tauranga in the Bay of Plenty.

Supplying a variety of enterprise in such a wideranging area with the safest, most appropriate, and most costeffective options for scaffolding is a challenge we can easily accommodate.

But we have to do it safely. And when safety is paramount, there’s a level of training demanded to keep standards in play, plus a degree of monitoring required to ensure excellent work practices are followed.

Helping Summit Scaffolding Bay of Plenty meet and exceed those standards is governing body, SARNZ (Scaffolding, Access and Rigging New Zealand), and Site Safe NZ who assist us with our allegiance to
the SARNZ Good Practice Guidelines for Scaffolding in New Zealand 2016.

Following those compliance directives is simple when we have full confidence in the quality of our gear. Summit Scaffolding Waikato Ltd are proud to serve our client base by providing safe, certified systems which put the versatile and comprehensive Kwikserv product range in the spotlight.

These systems are manufactured in our factory which means no extra middleman markup costs to you. We supply:

Platforms of 1000mm width | K Guard and Catchfan edge protection and barrier systems | Pitch angle roof and edge protection and guard rails | Tube and fitting scaffolding | Kwikserv and Kwikstage scaffolding | Fixed, mobile, or suspended scaffolding | Shade cloth | Birdcages |Pedestrian gantries and public access walkways | Propping (Falsework) and Shoring | Loading bays | Demolition chutes| Safety nets | Bridge decks and temporary fences to keep tools and equipment secure, hazards enclosed and passing public safe | Mobile scaffolding and mobile access towers | Shrink wrap for weatherproofing, and to contain pollutants, dust, and debris.

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