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Scaffolding Bay of Plenty, clients who select a company with strong repute are generally rewarded with exemplary service. Summit Scaffolding Waikato and the Bay of Plenty are one such company, and its team are consistently aiming to maintain and improve their positive standing in the industry.

Relying on positive client feedback and peer respect gleaned from jobs well done isn’t enough, however. Competition is fierce, and to that end, Summit Scaffolding work hard to give good value with good communication; a stance evidenced by an extensive list of projects completed to date. Aiding and enabling this success are Summit’s management team who are fully focussed on delivering clear and safetycentric interactions in the office, onsite, and with customers.

Working with systems proven to be safe and efficient means Summit remain a company at the forefront of a demanding and technical industry. Summit’s commercial, civil, industrial, and residential scaffolding operatives are all spot on. The option to hire or buy equipment is an added bonus in fact, no matter if you are a DIYer, a manufacturer, or a topflight property developer, Summit can help get your project from grassroots to fruition.

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It’s a complicated business but fortunately, Summit’s team are brilliantly trained from first point of contact at ground level, talking to customers, engineering and quoting on design solutions, to communicating to those operating at height.

Some of those heights may range from a few metres off the ground to a few hundred; Summit are trained and prepared to fulfil the simplest scaffolding installation or the trickiest. Residential requirements might include supplying the scaff for a roof repair, or an exterior paint upgrade, or even the addition of a new top floor. In all cases, the team are polite, tidy, respectful and consistently safety oriented.

Commercial | Industrial Scaffolding Bay of Plenty | Tauranga | Hamilton Waikato

Commercial and industrial enterprise make this country tick, and to that end, Summit’s emphasis on installing the right scaffolding and shoring (at the right price) means complex endeavours are able to soar with an assurance born from experience. Summit’s knowledge and wide skill base come into their own in these arenas with safetyregulated systems ably developed and tailored to the job at

Assisting Summit get to grips with the logistics of an everevolving range of commercial, industrial, and residential projects is a fleet of 60 working vehicles. Wellmaintained and regularly tuned, this reliable fleet gives Summit the flexibility to reach clients north and south and offer fivestar service.

Summit’s clients also have the option of visiting them! For contractors, subbies, and tradies who prefer to source their own gear, Summit Scaffolding’s equipment hire and sales division boasts a full range of all scaffolding components.

Comprehensively stocked (and with free advice available Summit Scaffolding Waikato can supply clients at short notice with:
KSL Tube and Fittings | Kwikscaff System | Kwikstage System | KSL Ringlock System | KSL Falsework and Propping | Scaffolding accessories.

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